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It is common in the fly fishing industry for the high end gear to come with lifetime warranties. These cost the big name brands millions of pounds a year and there's only one person that will ultimately end up paying for that....the customer. Much like car insurance, premiums are paid by drivers who have no accidents so that those who do can claim. A bit unfair but necessary for the brands to build thst reputation of quality. We are able to offer the same high quality on offer from those big brands but at a fraction of the cost by not offering lifetime warranties, that often aren't utilised. Instead as we rapidly become a trusted brand, we have decided to offer 12 month warranties on all of our own branded gear. We feel, if something is going to go wrong with a rod, case or reel due to a manufacturing defect, it'll be in that first year. This gives you, in our opinion, peace of mind at a fraction of the cost of lifetime warranties.

In the unlikely event of an Arrow Angling branded product showing any kind of defect that is as a result of poor workmanship or materials, then we will either refund the purchase price only or replace at our discretion. Any product that needs to be claimed for will need returning to us at the buyers expense for examination. If the fault is deemed by us to be as a result of any of the following, then we retain the right to reject the warranty claim and the product will be returned to the customer.

corrosion due to water ingress (non sealed drag reels only),
salt water corrosion,
corrosion due to lack of care and maintenance,
excess force,
breakage due to mishandling,

In addition to our own branded products, we are pleased to be able to offer 12 month warranties on all fly rods bought after 1st December 2021 from either Ebay or our website at
These include:

Maxway Honor rods
Maxway Classic rods
Flex fly rods

All claims must be submitted in writing by email to with a copy of the receipt attached with a purchase date within the last 12 months. Arrow Angling retain the right to refuse any application that we believe to be false or fraudulent.

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